How to Survive in an Airplane for Long Hours

Being on a flight for long hours can be boring. However, it doesn’t have to be. Here is how to make your stay in an airplane enjoyable and comfortable.

Choose your seat wisely

The choice of seat is very important when you are going to spend 12 hours or more on a flight. If you plan to spend most of your time sleeping, you should book a seat next to a window so that you can have something you will lean against. Again, there will be no disturbance from a seatmate waking you up so that they can pass and go to the bathroom. But if you are going to be awake for most of the flight, an aisle seat will be ideal as it will allow you to get up as many times as you can and stretch your legs easily.

Bring water and snacks

Without your own snacks and water, you will be forced to eat and drink according to the flight’s screw schedule. This is not what you want especially if you are going to be on flight for long hours. To be able to eat and drink at your own schedule, bring with you enough snacks and water.
Request a special meal when booking your flight
This is usually among the simplest ways of making a long, international flight tolerable. You don’t want to be given some kind of food you have never seen. Good thing is, special meals are free in most cases.

Stretch regularly

Sitting for long hours in a cramped seat is literally a pain, and this is what makes stretching very important. Take walks to the bathrooms sometimes even if you are not pressed, and stretch your hips and legs. While seated, try rolling your head gently back and forth for a few times. This will help a great deal in alleviating a stiff neck.

Entertain yourself

Before you get onto the flight, load up your iPad and iPhone with your favorite music and videos. This will help chase the boredom, and also keep you awake especially during daylight hours. Bring with you some of your favorite games so that you can play and enjoy yourself while on the flight. Be sure to carry cables and a portable charger just in case you book a seat that doesn’t have a USB jack.

Wear comfortable clothes

Of course, the temperature on airplanes is not often comfortable for all passengers. While another person just a few rows away might be finding it too warm, you might be freezing. You never know. To be on the safe side, be prepared and wear comfortable clothes. Be sure to pack some layers so that you will be able to adjust accordingly as the temperature changes on your plane.

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