Things Every Solo Traveler Must Pack

When traveling by yourself, there are some very important items that you should always remember to pack. You need to carry every item you need so that when you arrive, the items also arrive.
These items, which can all fit into a carry bag, will definitely make your life easier.

Multi-purpose shoes

Bringing six pairs of shoes with you on a trip is actually ridiculous. Just bring with you two pairs of shoes. Carry one pair of waterproof, durable sneakers and another one pair of shoes that is comfortable enough to wear when going out to watch a movie, or which you can use to take a long walk is a must-have. The shoes should work for any occasion, and should also go well with a number of your attire.

Last chance clothes

Pack socks and underwear that only need to be used ones or a few more times before they are thrown into the bin. Pick the ones that are still usable, but they should be those clothes that you have used for so long and you won’t have a problem throwing them out after just one more use. That way, you can throw them into a trash can after using them, and this will lighten your load a great deal along the way. Even if you wear that old t-shirt you don’t need as pajamas before leaving it behind as you travel, you won’t have to worry about your image because you are not traveling with your partner, a friend, colleague or a family member.

Various wipes

You are alone, and no one will be there to take care of you in case you fall sick. So, you need to stay safe. One of the best ways to stay safe is to have various wipes so that you can regularly wipe your hands, your hotel room and your train seats to avoid contact with germs. Anti-bacterial wipes will keep you clean and fresh in all the public restrooms that will have to visit during your travel.

Emergency blanket

You can never go wrong with a good quality blanket. It comes in handy just in case the nights get chillier than you had expected.

Emergency contact information card

You never know what might happen along the way, and there may need to contact your relatives and friends back at home. Take an index card and write and write any valuable emergency contact information and then put it inside your wallet.

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